Türkiye'nin En Güçlü İletişim ve İçerik Ekosistemi


Media Trainings & Consultancy”, delivers systematic and regular training to senior management and corporate speakers through a rich portfolio of instructors and constantly updated training modules. The program raises awareness on effective and proper use of communications in the professional world. Training programs target those responsible for corporate communications, as well as those who wish to advance in their careers or are starting out in the field of communications.

İndeks collaborates with native and international trainers and consultants.. İndeks is internationally accredited and  provides trainings abroad. İndeks offers custom solutions cause media is changing at a fast pace, and the routines are constantly broken. Single time – single target audience communication activities do not satisfy company needs.

If needed training  utilizes research and development activities and reports the outcome with regards to  traditional platforms including  TV and radio, and new media including  social platforms and digital.