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Message of the President
Message of the President


As a journalist by profession, I have worked for national and international media companies.

Journalism is the best profession in the world, so it seems to me! Journalists – in principal- have a natural excuse and privilege to question, for the sake to collect information. As reporter and later editor in different capacities, I enjoyed the profession immensely.


Many years later, I chose to become an entrepreneur. İndeks founded with commitment and conviction to provide the best content and communication services. Indeks began to operate as a typical start-up, in a basement, with enthusiasm, curiosity and hard work. Every minute of that experience was unique. Like every start-up it was a dream, which came true.  

The birth of the company in 2001,was in the middle of the financial crisis, I remember then believing in crisis come and go situation. With in years, I experienced that they come and get established, leave behind a residue which we call change. The world since the start of the company has become a challenging place. I must confess I have enjoyed every minute of this experience.

In the second phase of my career, my profession has become “communications consultant”, by name. I am specialised in content communication and its delivery. I started helping companies strugling to adopt to the changes.

We have come a long way with main focus areas as “content provider” – please see our references with regards to corporate publications & financial reporting. Also have a look at our “consultancy services”. Do explore Indeks Speakers Agency, and the team of experts.

Where there’s a will, there’s a way!

Sincerely Yours,

Yaprak Özer
Founder – President
İndeks Content Communication Consultancy Inc.


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