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Media Consultancy
Media Consultancy
Media Consultancy
Media Consultancy

Media Consultancy

Media Training & Consultancy”, delivers training to management teams, leaders, spokespeople. The program raises awareness on effective and proper use of communication skills in corporate world.

Media Relations Trainings

Training  utilizes research and development activities and reports the outcome with regards to  traditional platforms including  TV and radio, print and igital media including  social platforms.

Training Modules

Basic Media Module explains the structure and operation of media.

Simulation is a practice that involves interview techniques on specific topics and target audience.

Crisis Communication; Involves training that aims to avoid the destruction that may arise in times of crisis.

Press Conference-Roadshow;  The messages need to be clear and comprehensive in a chaotic platform, techniques and system building methods are mastered.

Presentation Techniques; This module is designed to make sure that the messages reach objective; the use of content, technique and body language effectively performed.

Corporate Spokesperson;  This is a study aiming at developing spokespersons speech delivery, sustainable performance  and the math of conveying messages with control.

Personal Image, Studies are conducted based on perception of image, personal image management, body language, voice and breath exercises.

Content Analysis  on quantity assessment and also qualitative analysis.

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