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Name of the Show: “One on One Economics”

Channel: TRT 2

Date: 2001-2002

Number of shows: 56

Number of guests: 56

Guest profile: 12 women / 44 men

Total air time: 60 hours

“One on One Economics” was a well-appreciated show which focused on Turkish economy on a macro level. “One on One Economics” hosted leading figures of the business world every week. The show offered evaluation of and discussions on Turkish economy with industrialists and managers including Sakıp Sabancı, Can Kıraç, Ümit Boyner and Zafer Çağlayan.


Name of the Show: Career World

Channel: TRT 2

Date: 2000-2003

Number of shows: 142

Number of guests: 440

Guest profile: 110 women / 330 men

Total air time: 142 hours

“Career World”, Turkey’s first human resources and management show, was an effective platform for business people, professionals, economists, academicians, experts, consultants and young people. “Career World” was a dynamic and unique platform for guests from many disciplines and continued to air for four years.


Name of the Show: Career World at Universities

Channel: TRT 2

Date: 2001-2003

Number of universities: 15

Number of guests: 53

Guest profile: 11 women / 42 men

Total air time: 150 hours

“Career World”, with a mostly young audience, started the “Career World at Universities” show in 2001 to meet the demands of the young people to a better extent, understand them better and help them with their careers.


Name of the Show: Career World Peak

Channel: TRT 2

Date: 2003

Number of shows: 10

Number of guests: 10

Guest profile: 4 women / 6 men

Total air time: 10 hours

“Career World” added a new perspective to its approach in 2003 and started a new show named “Career World Peak”.


Name of the Show: Education and Career

Channel: CNN Türk

Date: 2007-2008 (Seasonal-July)

Number of shows: 22

Number of guest universities: 22

Number of guests: 66

The show was aired in 2007 on CNNTürk. “Education and Career” focused on education and employment of young people and hosted rectors, deans and academicians from universities.


Name of the Show: Job Interview

Channel: CNN Türk

Date: 2007-2008

Air day, hour, time: Sundays, 20.00, 30 minutes

Number of shows: 47

Total air time: 23.5 hours

Shoots at universities: 2 shoots (Izmir Ege University and Kayseri Erciyes University)

Number of guests: 55

Number of candidates at the show: 138 (55 women, 83 men)

Number of candidates offered with a job: 80

“Job Interview” is a first in terms of setup and contents: It is where top level managers and young people meet. Top level managers and bosses asked questions to young people to shorten the distance between them. Young people also had many questions to business world leaders they knew from the press and TV. The show focused on a specific company/industry every week and hosted CEOs, general managers and human resources directors. The guests had the chance to interview three candidates fit for the role. One of the three candidates was employed after the interview with a two-month trial period.


Name of the Show: Education Window

Channel: CNN Türk

Date: April-May 2008 (Seasonal)

Number of shows: 8

Number of guests: 12

Total air time: 240 minutes

Frequent changes in the education system cause challenges for both students and parents. “Education and Career” focused on a different topic every week to create awareness and discuss the problems related with education.


Name of the Show: Half Time

Channel: BloombergHT

Date: July 2010 (Seasonal)

Number of shows: 7

Total air time: 140 minutes

“Half Time” with Journalists Yaprak Özer, Aslı Şafak and Levent Oğuz as hosts focused on employment, career and human resources throughout the week.


Name of the Show: Career Guide

Channel: BloombergHT

Date: 2010-2011

Number of shows: 47

Number of guests: 53

Guest profile: 17 women / 36 men

Total air time: 705 minutes

“Career Guide” hosted guests from a number of industries to focus on human resources, management and SMEs.



Name of the Show: Stories of Success

Channel: BloombergHT

Date: 2011-2013

Number of shows: 60

Number of guests: 67

Guest profile: 20 women / 47 men

Total air time: Approximately 30 hours

“Stories of Success” is a weekly shot on BloombergHT. The show hosted guests with intriguing achievements and unique stories of success in varying areas in Turkey and in the world.