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What is Media Relations Training?

Media Relations Training is often seen as crisis management, Corporations or individuals embrace the Media Relations Training as a savior. However, relations with the media need be “proactive” and “continuously”.

Why is Media Relations Training necessary?

Are you able to answer sudden questions? What will you do in crisis situation? How can you build image? And questions alike are the answers.

Who should take the Media Relations Training?

Spokespersons, managers and representatives of the institutions communicating with the public, department officials who may be able to deal with questions in the event of a crisis, those who do one-to-one communication and marketing activities, those who are active in the social media …

Who are Media Relations Trainers?

Media Relations Training is not a template training given to all…. The topics require expertise. Expert communicators, journalists are trainers.

How many participants should attend the training?

Personalized training is more efficient. On the other hand, depending on the training modules to be selected, number of trainees can be increased.

What is the length of a Training Module?

İndeks Media Relations Trainings is planned for a full-day. However depending on the need more than a da yor half a day trainings are designed.

Can I customize the Media Relations Training Modules?

Yes. We provide training modules tailored to your needs. You can select modules or combine different modules to determine your own special training program.

Can I get Media Relations Training on camera?

Yes. Q&A’s ,pre-prepared discussions, and modules on corporate stories are held on camera, followed by evaluation and feedback sessions.

What should be done after Training?

It is recommended that you integrate training outcomes, reports and comments into your daily life, and receive dynamic and shorter training tailored to your needs periodically.

Is it possible to participate more than once?

Yes you can. Constantly changing communication dynamics and heterogeneous structure of corporate world; require continuous learning.

What is Content Analysis module?

It is important to measure content in order to manage communication, monitor competitors, and be understood easily and accurately. We measure the quality and the effect of your content.

What are the benefits of measuring content?

You ensure that your target audience meets correct information. Measuring your content provide an advantage in managing reputation management and internal balances.