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Basic Media Relations; Turkish Media / International media module explains the structure and operation of media. It is prepared specifically for the person or company. The person’s background, their reflections on the communication tools (if any), sector competitors are analyzed.

Simulation and Case Study; This is a practice that involves studies of interview techniques with questions prepared specifically for magazines, newspapers, TV programs concerning potential real / near life situations that could be experienced. Participants are videotaped real time and prepared for the future.

Crisis Communication; Involves training that aims to avoid the destruction that may arise in times of crisis and turn it into advantage using the right communication methods and content specific to the corporate spokesmen.

Corporate Content Analysis; Corporations create informative and directive content for their stakeholders. This module involves necessary system and content studies for the content to be understood.

Media Posts; We prepare tips to increase broadcasting rates of press releases in the media specifically for the firm.

Press Conference and Roadshow; Special content creation training module for press conferences which are an information exchange platform held with participation of many press members; launching and important presentations.

Effective Presentation Techniques; In the module which is designed to make sure that the messages given reach the objective; studies to use content, technique as well as body language effectively so as to demonstrate a reliable and convincing performance before the audience.

Corporate Spokesmen; Spokespersons should not talk without control, mostly they need help. This is a study aiming at developing spokespersons and conveying messages.

Corporate Content Workshop; There are various communication tools. The distribution of tasks between these shall be done within a system and corporate policies must be considered.

Personal Image, Studies are conducted based on perception of image, personal image management, body language, voice and breath exercises.

Content Analysis: İndeks conducts corporation specific content analysis studies in every platform. Besides quantity assessment such as correct publication, correct frequency, correct target audience; it also conducts comprehensive quality analysis for the first time in Turkey

Simulation:  Person and company simulation supported universal programs with,  flexible durations.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]