Content Production and Management Across All Platforms


  • İndeks, Turkey’s first content creation and management company, is established in Istanbul.
  • “Career World”, Turkey’s first management science and human resources show, airs on TRT2.
  • Conference design, contents, flow and speaker services are provided for CRM Institute… In short, the conference is managed with a successful content creation and management process.


  • Vesaire (Vs.), first corporate magazine, was published on behalf of Vestel.
  • İndeks provided its first “Media Relations Training”. This training is designed with a unique content and approach and the Media Relations Training services are started. Media Relations is defined as an individual-/corporation-specific communication and content consultancy service.


  • Corporate web site www. is online.
  • Social responsibility project “İndeks Management Strategy Contest” for the younger generations is implemented. In five years, 3 thousand participants took part in 12 contents and training and internship opportunities were offered.
  • First activity report is drafted and Activity Reports services are practically started.
  • İndeks founder Yaprak Özer was named as “Global Leader of Tomorrow“ at the Global Economic Forum. Özer was the first journalist to be selected to Global Economic Forum from Turkey.


  • İndeks is the Turkey representative of Leigh Bureau, a well-established research company in USA, and starts to host globally-known people in Turkey.
  • “Sustainable Steel” report drafted for Ereğli Iron and Steel Company was the first Sustainability Report in Turkey. İndeks started offering services in a new area of expertise: sustainability reports.
  • “Content sponsorship” was provided for 13th National Quality Congress by Turkey’s first content provider. İndeks leads the way in communication with informed steps taken in content creation.


  • İndeks Corporate Publishing is established.
  • İndeks Gazete, corporate digital bulletin, is in circulation.


The concept of “concept partnership” is promoted by meeting content demands of enterprises of organizations in a wide portfolio of areas. As of 2006, “single-stop content management” services are provided.


“Job Interview” show on CNNTürk is the first show in Turkey focused on recruitment methods and interview techniques.


  • İndeks is granted with the first international gold medal with Doğan Şirketler Grubu Holding A.Ş. activity report. In the following years, many awards were granted by a number of international institutions.
  • The international foreign speaker activity turned into a local and international speaker agency with “İndeks Speaker Agency”. İndeks Speaker Agency is the largest and most comprehensive speaker agency in Turkey.


  • İndeks Publishing publishes its first book, The Search.
  • İndeks signs United Nations Global Principles Agreement.
  • “Women Are Entitled To Management” statement drafted by KalDer in accordance with articles 1 and 6 of the “Global Principles Agreement” i signed.


  • İndeks opened its office to students with academic collaborations and implemented job creation and development programs in its industry.
  • Investor relations communication activities which started with activity reports were extended with reporting services.
  • First customizable interactive activity report is drafted for Garanti Bankası.
  • “Content Factory Limited” is established. Content Factory carries on reporting activities in 2010 and for a couple of years that follow.
  • İndeks Publishing publishes the “Century Index”. This series is later extended with “World Cup Index”, “Michael Jackson Index”, “Atatürk Index” and “Content Index”.
  • First “Communication on Progress” (COP) report is issued.


  • İndeks celebrates its 10th anniversary.
  • Speaker Agency Bulletin is online as a monthly bulletin.
  • Turkcell and Garanti Bankası activity reports are granted with a record number of awards.
  • Second “Communication on Progress” (COP) report is issued.


  • İndeks publishes a comprehensive corporate book on the first 10 years and issues its first activity report.
  • İndeks provides its first international Media Relations Training. İndeks steps into international training thanks to its international media accreditation.


İndeks makes a revolution in digitalization:

İndeks corporate web site is redesigned with new coding.

“”, “” and “” web sites are online.

  • Social channel efforts are structured in a professional manner.
  • Social responsibility efforts are now managed in a corporate frame. “Communication at Gezi”, “Advertisement Report”, “Intellectual and Industrial Property Rights”, “Information Security” reports make a mark on social life.
  • Turkey’s “first” “content analysis and measuring” method was developed for Media Relations Trainings.
  • Speaker Agency portfolio is restructured.
  • İndeks content assets are restructured with “Data Mining”.


  • Content Factory was established as Turkey’s first virtual content sales portal. Content Factory Ltd. is redesigned to support this portal.
  • Content Factory makes history as Turkey’s first platform for authors, editors and experts. The Factory offers original, legal and ready-to-use contents and accepts special requests.
  • “İndeks Consultancy Line” is established. Consultancy Line starts services for organizations as a single ecosystem for speakers, authors, editors, experts and trainers.


  • İndeks web sites www.,, www., icerikfabrikasi.

com, and www. are redesigned within the scope of a digital transformation. SEO infrastructure efforts and social channel investments increase the visibility of İndeks and İndeks web sites on internet.

  • İndeks changes its headquarters after 15 years. This physical transformation is a managerial step thanks to the “smart management” approach.
  • Digital waste is minimized. A blog mechanism is integrated to the site to meet the increasing demand and bloggers were added to the panel. Content Factory web site is renewed.
  • 24/7 Live Support is provided for the visitors of Content Factory. The site now accepts content requests via phone.
  • Content Factory makes local and international individual-corporate sales from the sales panel.
  • “İndeks Academy” is established for Media Relations Sales services. İndeks Academy is organized to extend Media Training Services from top level managers to a wider audience and now reaches communication professionals and new graduates at every level.
  • İndeks is the first communication platform in Turkey with the activities of İndeks Speaker Agency – Media Relations Training and Content Factory.


  • Assets on digital platforms are renewed.
  • com web site is renewed
  • İndeks Content and Communication corporate web site is renewed.
  • Medya Communication Training web site is renewed.
  • Speaker Agency web site is redesigned.
  • Content Factory creates special pages on its web site for bloggers.
  • Digital recognition system developed for the members of Content Factory and Speaker Agency platforms speeds up the offer process.
  • Active use of social media increases the number of likes and traffic rates.


• The Investor Relations App was developed in two versions as custom software, which was shared with our business partners.
• Individual orientation and management services were launched under the auspices of the Media Relations Academy.
• The Content Factory web site was updated. The design of the home page and other pages was given a makeover.
• İndeks Speaker Agency web site was updated. The design of the home page and other pages was given a makeover.
• The Media Relations Training web site www.medyailiş was updated. The design of the home page and other pages was given a makeover.
• The Activity Reports website was updated. The Home page design was updated.
• Collaborations with new partners for video and photo production services were developed.
• Target audience communication continued with social media postings and thematic mails.


• Legal procedures required in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Authority (KVKK) were completed throughout the ecosystem.
• KVKK notifications, information and warnings were added to the websites of İndeks and its other service trademarks.
• Target audience communication continued with social media postings and thematic mails.
• New projects were developed to provide 360-degree communication services for Turkish companies in the Top-500 list.
• We focused on digital marketing through videos promoting İndeks service trademarks.
• SEO infrastructure improvements and social media investments increased the online visibility of İndeks and its websites.
• The İndeks Speaker Agency homepage design was updated.
• The İndeks Media Relations Training homepage design was updated.
• We launched a YouTube channel for Yaprak Özer, the founder of İndeks. It continues to welcome guests with their finger on the pulse of current affairs and the latest developments.
• Our services for traditional and digital platforms have been recognized by international awards.