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Ayla Algan

Ayla Algan

Who is Ayla Algan?

Ayla Algan studied “Human Science” in France. Since her stage debut with the play Tarla Kusu in 1961 with the City Theatre, she has acted in hundreds of plays. She has also featured in nearly 40 films. She received the “Silver Tree” award at the San Remo Bordighera Film Festival in 1967. Algan established the “Tiyatro Arastırma Laboratuvarı” (TAL – Theatre Research Laboratory) in 1991, where she backed countless experimental projects and contributed to the education and training of young stage actors and actresses. She served as the General Artistic Director of the City Theatre in 1996.

Since 1999 she has been engaged in theatrical academic training activities with various organisations, universities and associations, and she continues to lecture on advertising, TV series and motion picture acting.

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