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As the name suggests, factory is a production facility. Our factory, produces “content”. There is a continuous movement, products are in the form of researches, interviews, art-design, news, speech writing, translation… and you name it! To put it in more detail; the content can come in pieces or in packages such as magazines, brochures, newspapers, bulletins, books, reports, periodicals, catalogues… We serve content for websites, corporate and personal blogs, intranets and portals. We provide content audio and digital.

Tailor-made If you are looking for  something unique, you can choose the writer, designer, photographer and place an order specific to your needs.

Project Packages If you want to buy content packages, Content Factory can provide you with suitable solutions. We are at your service in sustainable projects such as periodical of all kinds or design, application, printing and distribution…


Content Factory works with a variety of authors who are renowned in their fields of subject. Accredited journalists and academics also serve in our team. Experts writing on specific topics can share their skills with you.


A professional team are ready to meet your needs. Our services are accessible whether you want design, implementation only or complete solutions.


Regardless of geographical location, time or place, we can offer readers fast, global customizable content. İndeks is a pioneer in screen amalgamation due to its ability to create digital publishing that can be viewed on different devices. By integrating the technological advantages of digital channels into our content and enriching our publication content with multimedia properties, we can keep our projects in the center of interest. Using our powerful social networks and experience, we prevent our content from disappearing unnoticed into the endless realm of the internet.


Catching up with the pace of communication is only possible with the correct use of technology: Content for “Corporate TV” – Content for Social Media Platforms -TV Broadcasting and content for TV programs -Web based digital productions – Smart phone-android based digital productions