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İndeks Management Strategy Contest

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This social responsibility project for younger generations of Turkey was initiated in 2003. Our objective is to support young people who have hard times finding a way, with a certain distance to opportunities and no person to consult, with tips on how to step into the business world.

Many companies supported us in this objective with their wishes and the sponsors of the contest increased from 9 to 50. We organized 12 contests in banking, retail, logistics, IT, New Turkey, automotive, entrepreneurship, software, media, urbanism and finance. The contests are open to third and fourth grade university students and people with maximum five years of experience in business life. More than 3 thousand young people attended. University students and young professionals spent serious time developing projects and they worked hard as if it was a graduation thesis.

In 2009, İndeks transformed the İndeks Management Strategy Contest into a platform which offers internship at “İndeks Akademi Group” for young people who want to focus on communication, media and content, determined for self-improvement with a spirit of entrepreneurship. The platform also recruits human resources for the industry.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]