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Describe your service as İndeks Speaker Agency?

İndeks Speaker Agency provides professional speakers, experts, consultants, moderators and presenters on variety of topics.

What benefit is there to invite a speaker for an event?

Soft communication advantage when sharing information. Effective motivation and inspiration.

Do you collaborate with other agencies?

İndeks co-brokers with US and European further with other agencies in different geographies.

How many speakers do you hold in your portfolio?

Our job is to develop speakers and content on every topic! We produce topics-titles- sub-titles and content, along speakers. In short we have hundreds of speakers on portfolio and further hundreds on our watch list.

Do you represent keynotes or experts?

We represent speakers on categories; keynote, experts, trainers and consultants along with influencers.

Clue of categories?

Very many topics, please see our “catagory” page. Just to give you a brief notion; Politics, International Relations… Energy and Environment… Current Affairs, Innovation, Business, Marketing and Sales… Economics and Finance… Security, Defense, Strategy… Communication and Media, Motivstio& Inspiration, Personal Development… Health, Social Responsability, Sustainability… Technology,… and more

Do you provide moderation service?

Yes, expert moderators conduct and manage meetings, we also provide Master of Ceremony.

Do you provide services for C Level and closed door meetings?

Speech, workshop and consultancy services we provide for C Level..

Can we request motivational & inspiration speaker?

Yes, we have a rich portfolio for motivation and inspiration.