Türkiye'nin En Güçlü İletişim ve İçerik Ekosistemi

İndeks Speaker Agency has been actively supplying expert and well-known speakers to to mainly Turkish business community, since 2003. We help companies improve communication with their target audiences and make suggestions on content and speakers requested. We provide sophisticated topics, informative agenda, trendy speakers and we continously create new names and follow the global agenda.

İndeks Speaker Agency has a rich portfolio of speakers. İndeks speakers are well established and reputable experts in their own fields. Speaking engagement is a traditional way of communicating and yet a very innovative way of transmitting messages using technology. İndeks speakers can be engaged to address large audiences as well as specific meetings. Speakers show a wide variety of expertise in a wide variety of fields.

İndeks Speaker Agency  also provide consultancy services.  This service comes through İndeks portfolio of instructors, speakers, authors, editors, experts…  Our service is integrated with post-consultancy implementation phases.