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Terms of Use

By entering this website, by maintaining your access to any product or service, or by your use of the material herein, you are deemed to have accepted this website’s “Terms of Use”. İndeks İçerik ve İletişim Danışmanlık Tic. Ltd. Şti. (Hereinafter referred to as INDEKS) reserves the right to change, remove or add content to this website without any prior notification. Such changes, and any terms of use associated with such changes, will be applicable as soon as they are implemented, unless otherwise stated.

The term INDEKS in this text refers to a website that provides a promotional base for a content production and management communications company, in addition to all real persons and legal entities that either own or operate the website.


General Principles 

  1. You can visit the INDEKS website as a visitor – a user – as frequently as you wish, without the need to supply any personal information.
  2. INDEKS does not bear any legal, penal or personal liability for any content including any texts, data, comments, news, images posted by INDEKS website visitors, commentators, advertisers, the use of such material even if accompanied by an INDEKS logo, the home pages or sections of other websites, any information gained or comments made in response to any material uploaded to and published on INDEKS’ servers, including but not limited to the above-stated persons or publications, unless the situation is specifically within INDEKS responsibility and authority, as required by the accepted practices of the Internet. Users and members are deemed to have understood, to proclaim, and to have accepted to abide by this provision from the moment they enter the website.
  3. On any INDEKS web page, no person can be treated in a hateful manner or condemned based on their race, their gender, social position, culture, language, religious beliefs, health problems, physical handicaps or any similar personal attributes.
  4. Posts and comments that, beyond the limits of normal criticism, oppose individuals’ political views, the notion of the family or the accepted rules of social ethics rules must not be published. No posts that limit freedom of thought, conscience or expression are to be posted on any INDEKS web pages.
  5. On INDEKS web pages it is prohibited to publish any posts or comments that constitute any of the crimes mentioned in the law entitled “The Arrangement for Publication on the Internet and the Fighting of Crimes in Relation to Such Publications” number 5651, or any of the crimes mentioned under the headings Suicidal Encouragement (paragraph 84), Sexual Harassment of Children (paragraph 103, clause 1) Facilitating the Use of Drugs or Stimulants (paragraph 190), Procuring Unhealthy Materials (paragraph 194), Obscenity (paragraph 226), Prostitution (paragraph 227), or Providing a Place or Facility for Gambling (paragraph 228) in the Turkish Penal Code, number 5237 dated 26 September 2004, or any of the crimes mentioned in the law on the Prevention of Crimes against Atatürk, number 5816 dated 25 July 1951, of any of the crimes mentioned in the law covering Intellectual Property Rights, number 5846, or any of the crimes mentioned in the Statutory Decrees on Patent Rights, numbers 551, 554, 555 and 556.
  6. On any INDEKS web page, nobody can be claimed to be a criminal without their having received adjudication. Individuals cannot be referred to by disparaging nicknames or expressions. The right to reply and disclaim in response to untruthful posts or comments is respected. In such cases, the required legal steps are to be followed.
  7. Individuals’ private lives cannot be mentioned in posts or comments, excluding those lifestyles and public interests that have either the implicit or explicit consent of that individual.
  8. Posts or comments that encourage or provoke violence, rage or terror; that negatively influence children; or that instigate hate or enmity among individuals, communities or nations are prohibited.
  9. INDEKS reserves the right to change and update all terms and conditions on this web page unilaterally, without any need for prior notification. Therefore, users and members should periodically check the web page on which these terms of use are listed.


  1. Though all data, statistical figures and values published on the INDEKS web site have been compiled from sources that have been deemed to be reliable, INDEKS never guarantees the correctness or sufficiency of such information.
  2. Comments will be reviewed by INDEKS and its website’s employees in order to exclude any of the expressions described above. Comments that are not deemed suitable by the website’s employees will not be published on the website.
  3. In any case, if any situation described in paragraph 3 arises, the individual(s) that provided the comment(s) are liable for the comments entered by them as users or members. INDEKS holds no responsibility in relationship to any such situation. If any interactive comment not conforming to laws or to generally accepted publishing principles is detected, then  INDEKS has the right to immediately discontinue publishing, and/or to deactivate, and/or to ban the user whose account was responsible for the that comment. INDEKS may deliver to authorize entities information related to any potentially illegal comments or related to such comments’ writers.
  4. User and member activities’ records may be stored, assessed and utilized for a period of time to be decided by INDEKS. Users accept and proclaim that they know about and understand this provision, and that they allow the use of such data.
  5. INDEKSis not responsible for damage to users’ or members’ hardware, for any damage to other property, or for any virus/malware infection occurring in response to accessing or using the website, or in response to the downloading of any file that contains audio, image or text. Similarly, no user or member will transfer to INDEKS any content that either does, or potentially could, contain any harmful content.
  6. Users and members accept, proclaim and undertake that they have obtained all necessary permissions from the content’s copyright holders in relation to the content they post on INDEKS, so that third-parties’ personal rights, privacy rights and/or publication rights are never damaged a result of such posted content.
  7. Users and members will advertise neither themselves nor any third party, and they will not block other users from accessing or suitably utilizing the website.
  8. Users or members may only download data to their personal computers as long as it is not intended for profit or for any commercial objective. Any web page of the website, partially or completely, may  be printed out only for personal purposes, without any intent to profit or to achieve any commercial objective.
  9. The INDEKS website’s links may lead you to places outside of the portal. INDEKS does not bear any responsibility for the content, correctness or functionality of any of these websites. These links are only posted as goodwill; cannot be held responsible for any direct or indirect damage, harm, compensation or penal conditions in response to changes in such linked websites, changes in access to such websites, or anything related to the use of such websites.


  1. By using this website or any service supplied by the website and by providing INDEKS with your personal information, you are deemed to have allowed INDEKS to collect, record and use such information in accordance with the conditions listed in this privacy statement. You can update such information whenever you wish. This is to be understood to include INDEKS being able to use your personal information to send you promotional materials, newsletters, and to improve the website. In addition, without the disclosure of either the email address or of the contact information, particular details of emails can be used as evidence as defined by the 199th paragraph of the Civil Procedure Code.
  2. If INDEKS comes to suspect either the correctness or the timeliness of any information provided by its users or members, then INDEKS retains the right to suspend, terminate or to limit its services.
  3. Unless a user or member has explicitly consented otherwise, INDEKS will only disclose your personal information to third parties as part of its legal responsibilities and if demanded to do so by official authorities. In any case, excluded from the scope of this paragraph is any disclosure by INDEKS of such information to its own employees, to third party professional consultants who have met all appropriate privacy obligations, or to those individuals who have the legal right to demand such information. Unless a member or user has stated their explicit consent, INDEKS will never sell, rent or commercialize its users’ or members’ personal information to third parties for marketing purposes.
  4. Each page that each visitor sees while browsing is recorded as traffic data related to that specific user or member. Such records are made so as to track the pages used by users or members, to identify their favourite pages, to improve the service, and to customize the experience for each user or member.


Intellectual Property Rights  


  1. All intellectual property rights related to, but not limited to, all audio, text, images, logos, paintings, figures, drawings, animations, clips, music records, video records, software, program codes, information, registered or non-proprietary brands, service brands, commercial titles, slogans, registered or non-proprietary designs and all other signs with definite sources (hereinafter referred to as “content”) belong to INDEKS. Unless stated otherwise, without obtaining prior permission from the owner, it is strictly forbidden to perform those acts including, but not limited to, copying, reproducing, publicizing, distributing, publishing, using, directly or indirectly utilizing in the same or in a modified form, quoting, duplicating, renting, lending, modifying, storing, transferring to another computer, posting, circulating, transporting, republishing, exhibiting, adapting, processing, representing, storing for commercial purposes, selling the website’s content partially or completely, or encouraging or facilitating any of the above actions.
  2. Users and members irrevocably accept, proclaim and undertake that all content they upload to can, as soon as the content is uploaded, in whole or in part, at INDEKS’ own discretion, in such a way that enables their transferral to others: be used by INDEKS in audiovisual advertisements; circulated, sold, distributed, marketed, rented, lent or distributed in other means as audio tapes, CDs, movies, TV films, productions, video cassettes, video discs, DVDs, CD-ROMs, via electronic transfers and storage; be transferred to any computer environment without any limitation of the tools or media used, by any type of wired or wireless tool or appliance that transmits, stores or circulates audio, video or such signs or signals; by any current or future audio, video or signal transmitters; by any current or future audio, video or signal recording memories, republishing tools or by any other means; have reproduced copies introduced to the market, be commercialized, publicized by enabling access to them by third parties through copying, downloading, recording, streaming, watching, listening, through online services or through other means via storage in databanks, document systems or in similar memory tools accessible through the Internet; be utilized by current mobile phone communication technologies and systems, be it 3G or any type of future communication system, in any audio, visual or audiovisual format (including melody, ringtone, polyphonic ringtone, true tone and IVR); for any type of use including but not limited to the above cases; without any limitation on the duration or channels of use; be used locally in Turkey and globally worldwide; be used without demanding any payment in relation to the financial rights originating from the owner of the items’ intellectual property or by their performer, quit-claiming any such claims for financial rights.
  1. Members and users accept, proclaim and undertake that they are the complete and sole owners of their content’s property rights: of the property rights covering those of its element(s) originating from being the content’s producer or performer; of the rights to reproduce, circulate and process the content using tools for the transmission of signals, audio and/or video in order to publicize the work; of the video/audio/content owners’ personal rights; that they have obtained permission from the properties’ respective owners or from their professional societies, if any, in accordance with the 48th and 52nd paragraphs of the Law of Intellectual Property Rights; that they gained these rights in such a manner as to enable the transfer of these rights to others in writing in every case, without any limitation as to the duration of the rights or to the channel used; applicable in Turkey and Worldwide; that that they bear full responsibility for all fees to be paid to any appropriate Professional Societies in relation to such properties; that they are legally capable of transferring such rights; that no third party is either directly or indirectly eligible for any financial, spiritual or commercial rights under any names or titles.